About Capital Sawmill

Capital Sawmill can take down your unwanted trees, prune for more light and healthier trees, mill take downs into lumber on site and install landscaping we design for the newly created areas. Owner, arborist Steven Daniels has been providing tree service for over 30 years. In 1995 he added a portable sawmill to the company to better utilize the trees removed. Owner Teresa Eddy designs and installs landscaping with special attention to deer resistance and low maintenance. Capital Sawmill is located southeast of Albany at 4119 US Route 20, in Nassau and previously was Steven Daniels Tree Service in Westchester New York.

Company History

It started with Frank Daniels, Steven’s father, who is pictured here running his log truck in 1981.

Steven pictured in front of his log truck in 1991 with Frank Young and his father. Steven, quite the climber, going out on a limb in 1992.