Wood Slab Table Tops

Wood Slabs Available Unfinished or Finished
Let's make a beautiful table
We understand that you might want to create your own furniture to meet your taste. We have table tops made in a special way, which allows you to have a choice of your table top at an affordable price. With the way our services are made to meet your needs, you can choose both the type and shape of wood from the many we have available. We designed our table tops to be durable and good for use.
Our table tops are compatible with various table bases, including stylish metal brackets, a-racks, legs with rollers and legs, which also act as a rack for computer equipment, tools or stationery. When you find a table top that you want, we can do it in different ways to meet your demand. Our durable and attractive table tops can be used for dinning table or surfaces to station your computer. We make different types of table tops that can make your work or home look attractive.