Sycamore Slabs

We start with carefully selected Sycamore logs from upstate New York. Lumber is stored under cover as it slowly air dries for up to two years. Besides starting out with good quality logs, proper drying is the most important step in quality control.
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American Sycamore is the largest hardwood specie in North America. Sycamore can yield large amounts of lumber with very respectable dimensions.

Today Sycamore has a multitude of uses – if it is properly seasoned. It can be found in cabinet frames, carcasses, and drawer sides. Since it imparts no noticeable taste or odor, it is utilized in butcher blocks, barrels, cigar boxes, and cartons for food storage. 

Quarter and rift sawn lumber are far more stable, making them the preferred product. Given its size, Sycamore can produce quarter and rift-sawn lumber with large dimensions. Quarter sawing Sycamore also reveals its large and numerous medullary rays. This produces a beautiful flake pattern on the quartered surface, prized in furniture pieces requiring a decorative panel.